Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sometimes, when Missionaries bring their slide presentations to a close, they often choose to use as their last picture a Beautiful Sunset...Well, I thought of one better.....As I now "Officially" bring this Travel Blog to a close, I thought it
would be especially touching to use a picture of a Beautiful Sleepin'Beauty.....
Kim Wilkerson catchin' some Z's on our long flight home from ISRAEL.............
Howdy!!! Sure is GOOD to be HOME...Got in the house about 1:45am last nite...
Dilly was only semi-conscious, but she was glad to see her Bubba... I slept about
6 hrs., and was up about 8am... Got to have my coffee in my own chair and watch
FOX News... Haven't been out to the garden yet, but it looks OK... since June 1st
we've got 16'+ of rain... I'm keepin' my promise to Dilly to take her to McDonalds
for lunch... Sara, James, and Eli are flyin' back from Florida today...
The California Group didn't have as good a trip home as we Ohio folks did~
when they finally got to L.A. Airport (several hrs. after we got home) the fellow
that was 'spoze to meet them thought it was the next day... they eventually had to rent 2 vans for the 3+hr. ride home...Paul called this morning at 9:30am, and they were just then gittin' back to Fresno(9.5 hrs. after we got home...) So, we
want to say an EXTRA BIG WORD OF THANKS!!! to Ol'Richard & Moose for not
fergittin' us and bein' there to pick us up right on time...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Well~ We's back on American Soil~ PRAISE YE THE LORD!!!!!!
We'll be flyin' out of Newark/New York shortly for Columbus...
Hopefully, we'll be back to Saltair by Mid-Nite... It's been a L-O-N-G
Day... Dilly says she's gonna stay up till her Bubba gits home...
The Airlines managed to lose one of the Wilkerson's suitcases...but
hopefully it'll turn up... We had to bid farewell to our California
group~they're already on their way back to L.A.
....Signin' Off fer now... Bro.Bob

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Post From JERUSALEM........
Monday morning, June 14th, 2010
7:00am JERUSALEM Time
(Mid-nite Ohio Time...)
We will soon be gittin' on the Bus
to head back to Tel Aviv Airport...
We'll be flyin' out of Tel Aiv at 11:45am
JERUSALEM Time(4:25am Ohio)
12 hr. flight back to Newwark...then a
3 hr. lay-over...then we head back to
Columbus on Continental Flight#2613,
to arrive at Columbus at about 9:25pm
Monday night...We should guit back to
the Church at about Mid-night...
Againm PRAY! for our safe travels...
Everyone is rejoicin' in our unbelievable
Experience together... Truly! all the
pictures I've posted times a Million
just can't capture what we've shared
See Ya Soon! GOD BLESS!!!
HERE'S OUR FLIGHT SCHEDUL, & MIKE E FOR TOMORROW... We'll be leaving the Hotel at 7:30am Jerusalem time (12:30am Ohio time Monday) We are scheduled to fly
out of Tel Aviv at 11:45am Jerusalem Time (4:25am Ohio time~so by the time you
git up on Monday morning, we'll be on our way back home...) our flight from
Tel Aviv to Newark NJ is about 12 hrs...we will arrive back in Newark at about
4:35pm Ohio Time...we have a 3 hr. lay-over there... We will arrive back in Columbus at 9:25pm Ohio Time on Contenental Flight#2613... If all goes well,
we should be gittin' back to the Church at about 12 O'clock Mid-nite.....
This is the Shrine of the Scroll at the JERUSALEM Museum, which houses many of the Dead Sea Scrolls... No pictures were permitted on the inside...
This is a scaled-down reconstruction of the Temple Mount complex...only the structure in the center is the Temple Proper...the rest is the Retaining Wall
which was built to expand Mt. Moriah...that is the Eastern Gate in front of the
Temple...This was how it would've looked in JESUS' day...