Saturday, June 12, 2010

We begin the morning of our last full day
in Israel/Jerusalem... It's Sunday morning,
June 13th (of course, it's only 12:30am back
home in Ohio...) Today we'll be going to
The Holocaust Museum, The Jerusalem
Museum, The Southern Steps of the
Temple Mount, and to an overlook view
of Bethlehem (we chose not to actually go
into Bethlehem, because we would have to
leave Israel's security) Then tomorrow
morning early we'll be heading back down
to the Airport at Tel Aviv to begin our
journey home...we should be safely home
by late on Monday night..."Lord willin'..."
Everybody has had such a wonderful
time (although Margaret Dwelly was a
bit sick yesterday and chose to stay at
the hotel all day~but she's ready to go
again today...) As always Hope & Mona
are bubblin'...WORD of WARNING~You
can expect Hope & Mona to be VERY
insistent that everybody should find a
way to make this trip.....
Of course I can't help but think about
what's goin' on back at Saltair... I know
you will be blest by Bro.Leo Kuhn's sure to tell him Howdy!
and Thanks! for me... Also, I trust that
all those I put in charge of tormentin'
Dear Sharon have been doin' their best
to honor my request...
This Tuesday I expect to be a CRASH
day to rest from the long flight, etc... I
plan to be at Church on Wednesday eve.
for Prayer Meeting & Bible Study....then
on Thurs(my normal day off) I'm sure
I'll have lots of yard & garden work to
git caught up...
Well, I'll take lots more pics today,
and I'll git 'em posted tonight...

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  1. i think you should be able to sleep on the plane so you shouldn't need to rest on tuesday...just kidding...but we will be back from florida on tuesday some of your crash time you might have to spend with me :)