Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Howdy!!! Sure is GOOD to be HOME...Got in the house about 1:45am last nite...
Dilly was only semi-conscious, but she was glad to see her Bubba... I slept about
6 hrs., and was up about 8am... Got to have my coffee in my own chair and watch
FOX News... Haven't been out to the garden yet, but it looks OK... since June 1st
we've got 16'+ of rain... I'm keepin' my promise to Dilly to take her to McDonalds
for lunch... Sara, James, and Eli are flyin' back from Florida today...
The California Group didn't have as good a trip home as we Ohio folks did~
when they finally got to L.A. Airport (several hrs. after we got home) the fellow
that was 'spoze to meet them thought it was the next day... they eventually had to rent 2 vans for the 3+hr. ride home...Paul called this morning at 9:30am, and they were just then gittin' back to Fresno(9.5 hrs. after we got home...) So, we
want to say an EXTRA BIG WORD OF THANKS!!! to Ol'Richard & Moose for not
fergittin' us and bein' there to pick us up right on time...

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